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moby boardies


when slq rains down upon us
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this is a community for moby boardies [or whomever] to discuss stuff off the boards. primarily created for those days when there are slq errors and aim just isn't enough, mobyboardies hopes to fulfill your desperate need to devote all your internet time, nay, all your time, to moby websites on which you hardly talk about moby.

this is a place to fill that moby.com need you just can't avoid, a place for all of you addicts to convene and talk about drailings, share pictures of yourself, suck up bandwith, spew venom at other people for having different tastes than yours, gossip about celebrities yet pretend you don't care about them, and just plain talk to your online friends.

surely you get the picture, and maybe this will be a fun place independent of the boards. maybe not. either way, here it is, your moby.com community. do enjoy.

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